Kokomo Tracking System

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In April of 2017, the Kokomo Tribune published a wonderful story of a local family finding comfort is these safety measures.

Picture this:
You have a child with autism who decides to go for a walk on his own. He does not tell you, nor does he take a predictable path. You notice he is not there, check his room, the house, the yard, and finally you find yourself driving through the neighborhood, blood pressure rising, scanning your surroundings for your missing child. It does not take long until your anxiety reaches panic, and you find yourself calling all your neighbors, your friends, and finally the police.

Over 50% of children on the spectrum have a tendency to wander. They typically have no sense of danger and are attracted to water. This is all too common situation is what motivated ARCK to spearhead the Kokomo tracking program. The program relies on proven technology and a specially trained search and rescue team. Clients wear a wristband that emits a silent individualized radio tracking signal. When caregivers call 911 and report a loved one is missing, a search and rescue team responds to the area and starts searching with state-of-the-art tracking equipment. Using this technology, search times have reduced from hours and days to minutes. In over 3,022 searches nationwide, there have been no reported serious injuries or deaths, and recoveries average less than 30 minutes.

The tracking program requires continuous funding as new participants are added and as equipment needs replaced.

For more information on Care Trak bracelets, contact Deputy Sherrie Galloway of the Howard County Sheriff’s Department at 765-456-2020 ext. 350. Applications for the program are also available on the Howard County Sheriff’s Department website.

Here is a link to the tracking system application: