About ARCK

The Autism Resource Center of Kokomo is a local volunteer, non-profit organization that provides support and resources to families with children on the autism spectrum. Created in 2008 by local families, our goals include: raising awareness of autism locally; developing a strong network of parents supporting one another through the challenges of daily life; connecting families and professionals to help those on the autism spectrum receive the services needed; providing a forum where they can exchange pertinent information; leading community activities to improve community awareness of autism and safety for those on the autism spectrum.

ARCK provides a lending library and organizes an ARCK's AU-Some Friends Club (teen group). Plus, we help start new programs, such as the recently implemented county tracking system for kiddos who wander. Our next effort is to focus on building an indoor sensory playground.

We are privileged to serve the many wonderful people that comprise the Kokomo autism community.